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Alice's Story

by XONI Clothing 02 Mar 2023 0 Comments

My full name is actually (wait for this) Alice Anne Abbott; AAA!
I was born February 28th 1995 in a city called Lincoln.
I am a tiny 4ft 11 (but I do tell people i’m 5ft so shhhh)
Throughout my whole life, I have been into some sort of fitness or competitive sport. In my early teens I was somewhat a ‘tomboy’ and loved to skive off school to go carp fishing with my dad… pics to follow, have a giggle!!

I started playing football in year 5 at primary school, which then led to me getting scouted for the Lincoln City Ladies squad! I didn’t actually start playing for them until I was in secondary school which by at this point I was also playing for the school academy and the local village team; my age and one age above.

I guess I was always pretty naturally gifted when it came to sport, anything I took my hand to I was good at. Badminton was another, I loved that and was freaky good!

Alongside sport, I was somehow super super good at art and making things (textiles) - which I get from my mum. My chosen subjects to study at secondary school was, Higher Sports, Textiles & Higher Art. I came away with A*’s & Distinctions. I was adamant I would go away and become either a fine art teacher or a PE teacher.

Sixth form was a slog, I soon dropped out after 3 weeks and went to work at the Range full time for a couple of years. This is when I started pole fitness. That sport is totally underrated and is extremely hard!
I soon got bored of working at the Range and then went to college to study Fine Art - completed that but came away feeling deflated, it wasn't giving me that buzz! By the age of 17 I had dropped out of football as it then went into the older ladies team and I just wasn’t confident enough in myself to pursue.

After that was Hospitality & Catering - my dad used to be a chef so I have been in the kitchen from a young age. It wasn’t something that overly stimulated me to be honest. After completing the course, I found my new love of Event planning! Wow I was good at that, pretty controlling too - I wanted all the power and found it extremely difficult to rely on other team members to do tasks as I just didn’t feel they could do it to my standards.
I soon took on an Event planning/assistance apprenticeship and it was here when I joined the local gym and started going to classes and resistance training. Fair to say the apprenticeship took the absolute PISS out of me so that ended.

After this was just bouncing from one retail job to the next - but the gym stayed and I absolutely thrived from it and started to become a little obsessed.

2017 came about and I had just started at a CrossFit gym which then led to becoming a competitor which was incredible. This is the year I went on a couple Skiing trips in France and it was quite honestly, an amazing experience!!!

I came away from a long term relationship in the April of 17 which led me to take a downhill spiral. I guess here is when I formed a really unhealthy relationship with alcohol and food, it was almost a coping mechanism to escape/avoid all of the bad things that were going on around me.
As we all know, alcohol is a depressant so actually makes things so much worse the next day, which creates a viscous cycle.

It was probably not until 2019 where everything finally came to a head and I realised how I was leading my life wasn’t sustainable and my habits were not a reflection of who I wanted to become.

2019 was the year I met my life partner, now fiancé; Ross.

2020 a I made the decision to move up to Thurso, Scotland to live with him and his boy Rio and build a life together.

Would you believe I made the move in late Feb 2020 and then a WEEK later, the national lockdown hit - literally couldn’t have timed it any better.
My cinnamon buns became a hit that year, and then I started making these MAD creations. I was making celebration cakes back home as a hobby and again it was something that was a natural talent. So, I had a page already for my cakes and when my cinnamon buns went viral, it became a full time business over night!

In 2021 I came away from the baking and got myself a full time office job to enable me to prepare for my bodybuilding venture - there was no way I could do my baking and BB because the job was just so demanding!
April 2022 I started prep for my first show which was late August 2022 where I came first and won my class! This enabled me to go on and do the Arnolds 4 weeks later - let me tell you, those 4 weeks were THE hardest days of my entire life. I’ve never cried and wanted to give up so badly.
But, I DID IT.

Granted, I came away from that show physically and mentally unwell, I still learnt so much about myself and the industry by putting myself through that. It’s lit the spark and solidified that this is the sport for me and I want to be the best I can be and I have my eyes on some pretty WHAM goals.

And here we are, writing this I am 5 months post show. It’s penciled in to compete next year, so 2024 and we’re going to be UNDENIABLE. I have a new coach now and she is incredible. We gel; she is the one!
Plans for this year,… continue growing my business, continue putting myself through courses to further expand my knowledge. I have clients locking in on photoshoots this year which I am so excited for - this is the avenue I want to specialise in, photoshoots and contest prep.

So for now, this is me!
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